Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some inspirations for KTT

Kittilä is Finland's northernmost airport. It does not get any whiter than that.

Bernhard Willhelm and uslu airlines grow their nail polish line to 6 destinations

Dixieme, Mitte - May/28/2008: they all asked for more, so we gave them more. What else would anyone have done? So, the 'Bernhard Willhelm nail polish for uslu airlines' mini line now serves 6 destinations:

we knew:
KNO - knokke/het zoute
JDP - heliport de paris
GWW - berlin royal air force gatow

we new:
KTT - kittilä (Finland)
WAW - warsaw frederic chopin (Poland)
SBT - san bernardino (USA)

Inspiration for the new colours came, as usual, from Bernhard Willhelm's current collection, while inspirations for the names were, again, manigfold...

Bernhard Willhelm nail polish for uslu airlines is available at selected stores worldwide and retails for around 22,- € per bottle.

They are flying so well, we have further destinations already prepared for launch in June. Really.