Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bernhard Willhelm and uslu airlines launch collaboration nail polish line

3 colours to start will be extended by more and more each season. First shades honor common destination of uslu and Willhelm.

Berlin, Paris, 11-27-2007 - This very week, the first shipments of our 'Bernhard Willhelm for uslu airlines' nail polishes hit the shelfs. The 3 destinations -GWW, JDP and KNO- reflect our common regional relations. The 3 colours reflect the winter sun (as little as there is of it): all of them highly metallized and sparkling! We just love it. And Bernhard too.

GOLD METALLIC: KNO - knokke/het zoute (Belgium)
RED METALLIC: JDP - heliport de paris (France)
BLUE METALLIC: GWW - berlin royal air force gatow (Germany)

With a spectacular bottle outfit complimented by Carsten Fock (thanks!), those will surely infuse some highly appreciated knock to the Knokke... some heli to the port... and some royal to the force. Whichever you might want. Or need. Your choice.

But enough of the words now.

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